Saturday, 25 August 2007

spring is sprung

When I walk home from the station in the evenings, it's dark. I'm very much looking forward to daylight savings for that reason. But walking in the dark does have it's own pleasurable quirks. Our suburb here is full of a lot of garden-proud people with old-fashioned gardens filled with those classic plants that my mum and my grandmother before her filled their gardens with. At this time of year, Daphne is the old-fashioned plant that is bringing me the most joy. Walking home in the dark, I can smell which gardens have this wonderfully fragrant plant although I cannot see them.
I have two tiny Daphnes in my little backyard which are also in bloom at the moment. This is the first year that they've bloomed enough that a little bit of breeze is enough to spread the perfume.

Daphne blooms

Spring is really starting to make its presence obvious here.




Fruit tree blossom

Oh... and I made another dishcloth.

4 corners dishcloth

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Genevieve said...

ohhh, lovely flowers! here in Washington (where I am for once!) it's hot hot hot and I can't wait for the shorter days and autumn!