Monday, 10 September 2007

A perpenSOCKular pair of Sidewinders

I finished the other Sidewinder. So I now have a pair. I made a few deviations (both deliberate and accidental) on the second sock, but it still fits just fine.

Sidewinders FUTAB

On reflection, I really like this pattern. The socks fit beautifully and truly feel like they were actually made for my feet (which they were - duh!)
I'd probably do the legs shorter next time. These fit just fine, but I'm pretty lazy and shorter rows sound quite attractive from a knitting perspective.

Sidewinders in repose 01

It's really hard to hold your hand steady when trying to take a photo from this angle.

Sidewinders rear view

And the grafting? It's actually a lot of fun when the graft is long enough that you can get a rhythm going.

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Anonymous said...

Socks look good & so does the garden.