Wednesday, 12 September 2007

plug plug plug

Enabler extraordinaire Donni is having a Knit Picks contest this month. I'm giving her a plug so I can go in the running. I've bought Knit Picks stuff from her before and can vouch for her excellent service and competitive pricing.

She also points out that Knit Picks have just brought out a new range of wooden needles. And these aren't just plain wooden needles. No sirree. These are psychedelic multi-coloured wooden needles. These will definitely be going on my wishlist when they become available here. Knit Picks also claim that their wooden needles are stronger than other wooden needles (especially in the smaller sizes) because of the way that they are made. I would be very interested in testing this. I've used Brittany Birch 2mm sock (US size 0) needles and whilst I've managed not to break them so far, they warp a bit and I knit with them in constant fear as I feel them flex in my hands.

Photo-less Sock Knitting Update:

I'm working on the second Drunken Bee sock. I'm back to working it the same as the first. So much for my intentions of "going fraternal". Perhaps another time.

I've also begun work on a new Summer-weight sock from TOFUtsies and I'm trying out, for the first time, the magic loop technique. All is well so far although the big loops are freaking me out a little bit. If I were knitting two-at-a-time, there would be less loopage (new word?) so perhaps that will be the next challenge.

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Genevieve said...

oh, those are lovely lovely needles! I should try some. (if you want some let me know - I can order some for you & mail them to you also) I also have a fear of snapping Brittanys... and I've bent tiny metal needles (they still work, they are just clearly warped) too. So maybe these will be better?