Saturday, 8 September 2007

Teal Surprise Jacket

I can see myself making this pattern again and again. I love that it knits up with left-to-right symmetry so when you include stripes, they match up automatically. Therefore, it offers great scope for using up leftovers.
Teal BSJ front

Very few people seem to show photographs of the back view of the BSJ. I think this almost has a kimono-esque feel to it.
Teal BSJ back

I'm hazarding a very rough guess that this would probably fit a six month old. It definitely looks too big for a newborn, but apart from that, I'm really bad at guestimating baby sizes.
Lots of lovely garter stitch is very good for mindless TV knitting.
Teal BSJ detail

I've just got the little bit of seaming and finding the right buttons left to go.

(A propos buttons: EZ says to put the buttons on the "appropriate" side once the baby's gender is known. What is "appropriate" for each gender? This little piece of etiquette or convention escapes me. I seem to remember that it got a mention once in an Encyclopedia Brown book. I only remember that because it was news to me that buttons were on different sides for men and women - why?? - Too bad I didn't pay quite enough attention to remember which was which.)


elan said...

Sorry can't remember which is which but girls buttons are on a different side because they needed a maid to dress them in Victorian times.

Chicken Betty said...

Yep - Elan got it. Men were expected to dress themselves but Women were to have some help. So, girls get buttons on the left and boys on the right.

What yarn did you use? I love that teal color.

Paisley said...

Thanks for that. I'll have to try and commit that to memory. Girls left, Boys right.

The teal yarn is Patons Totem (from Patons Australia). It's an 8ply (dk) weight.
The multi is hand-dyed 8ply from a local Melbourne business - Marta's Yarns.

Genevieve said...

and it's also why it's more expensive to launder women's shirts than men's. They have everything set up for men's shirts and if you bring in a women's shirt they will charge you double because they have to rearrange and/or can't use the same machines. (at least here!)