Monday, 31 December 2007

Crap it's hot! (Happy New Year everyone)

Well, barring Adelaide which is far more used to this kind of heat, Melbourne is the hottest capital city this New Year's Eve. Darwin hasn't even cracked the 30 mark and Broome has only made it to 33. Our mercury got to a top of 41 about an hour ago and I'm very grateful that I have an air conditioner.
I went to the movies this afternoon and saw Atonement. I wanted to really love this. Period drama and the lure of tragic romance seemed a promising premise. Plus James McAvoy is yummy to watch in just about anything (Shameless, State of Play and Bright Young Things in particular come to mind) and despite her skinnyness, Keira Knightley has this luminescent beauty on screen that makes just looking at her a pleasure.
So why my slightly lukewarmish response? I'm not sure. It's definitely worth seeing. It's beautifully shot and I couldn't fault the performances. The only thing I can put my finger on is that I found the ending a little rushed in comparison to the pace of the rest of the film and since the ending is the last thing you see (apart from the credits), that is often what stays with you.
Happy New Year everyone. Stay safe, don't whinge about tomorrow's hangover and enjoy whatever festivities you've planned. :-) I'm off to C & D's for a quiet BBQ (D's doing a pork roast on the barbie).

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Genevieve said...

ugh, that sounds hot. here we're the opposite... 27F when I left the house this morning. That's, what, -2134C? no, something like -3C I think. I suck at conversions.

Agreed on the Atonement ending. (and the love for James McAvoy. dreamy...)