Sunday, 9 December 2007

Sunday - a work in progress

The emus have been blanket stitched, patchwork-bordered and basted.
emu ballet basted 02

One Horcrux* Sock has been completed.
Horcrux Sock 01

Discontinued sock yarns are being stock-piled.
Patonyle bluePatonyle grey-brown

And in non-photo-documented news: Christmas fruit cakes are in the oven (I know, I know it's a bit late. Bite me.) Weekend washing is on the line. The first tomato has appeared and its companion basil plants are thriving. And I think I can see the beginnings of the first ever lemons on my little lemon tree.

All is calm. All is bright.

*No souls were ripped in the making of this sock.


Genevieve said...

oh my gosh, those emus are adorable!!

I am also in the midst of Christmas baking. off to make more cookie dough.

Melinda said...

Heehee... why are they called Horcrux socks? Something to do with seven?

Paisley said...

The Horcrux Sock pattern is by I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can. I think the significance of the name relates to the lightning shape lace-work on the leg of the sock. If you've read HP book 7, then that should make sense!