Saturday, 19 January 2008

cruel and unusual?

DSC01989, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

A girl at work is having a baby in April. Her family are Western Bulldogs supporters so I thought I'd make her a little baby surprise jacket in the team colours.
I was telling C about this and she jested that making baby clothes in football team colours was tantamount to child abuse, or at least cruel and unusual treatment.
Ordinarily I would be inclined to agree with her. (Especially since I'm really not a football follower). But in this case, I don't think the colours are that bad teamed together. It's not like red, white and blue is an unusual or offensive colour combination and so far I'm really happy with the way the jacket is looking.

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NattyChick said...

I LOVE that jacket! I am also a Bulldogs supporter (and I am having withdrawals from live footy being in a state that doesn't greatly follow AFL). It is really turning out great.