Sunday, 6 January 2008

Midsummer Night's Sock

Titania's Revenge 01, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

Titania's Revenge has been in my sock queue for ever so long. But there was always another pair of socks on the go which seemed to take precedence. I finally cast on for them back in November last year. But I wasn't happy with the tension on 3mm needles and 2.5mm were going to be too tight. So then I waited for my new 2.75mm wooden Knit Picks Harmony dpns to arrive, which they did, on the Friday before Christmas. They were worth the wait. They feel wonderful and work really well with the Jitterbug yarn that I'm using. The lace isn't difficult. It requires some extra attention on the final round of each pattern repeat, but apart from that it's pretty plain sailing. It was stinking hot yesterday so I holed up in air conditioned comfort watching the cricket (Aus v India, 4th day) and the faux cable across the foot just seemed to knit itself. Hey presto, one sock down.
Now I just have to remember to reverse the faux cable on the second sock.

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