Saturday, 22 March 2008

Hello there....

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I've been a bit quiet on the blog front lately. There's been knitting bubbling along, despite the disgustipating heat wave that we had last week (admittedly not as bad as Adelaide's record-breaking run of days over 35, but still pretty unpleasant). I am grateful that I have an air conditioner for such occasions.
These socks have been dragging on since January (bless Ravelry, otherwise I would have no memory of when I cast them on). Man-sized socks on 2mm needles take an absolute age. I magic-looped them in an effort to avoid second sock syndrome. But this has the unfortunate side effect of seeming to take twice as long to knit a sock (which of course, it does...). But, they are done now and I get to decide which project (old or new?) will now become my train knitting.
I've got one more week of work before I take a long awaited holiday. Somehow I've managed to accrue about 7 weeks of annual leave and the HR dept keeps on emailing my boss to give me a nudge about at least planning to use some of it. They don't like it when your accrued leave goes over 4 weeks. I think they worry about having to pay it out if you resign. I'm pretty conservative when it comes to taking annual leave. I think it's a hangover from all the years that I spent working on casual rates when I didn't get paid leave.
So anyway... I'm off to Japan, which I'm pretty excited about. Since I won't be able to knit on the plane (I'm not buying into that debate...) I've got myself Stephen Fry's instructional book The Ode Less Travelled, a blank notebook and a Pacer. I've never really had the slightest yen to write poetry, but I'd read the telephone book if it was written by Mr Fry. So, in the interests of trying new things (travelling on my own is another...), I'm going to give prosody a go. If nothing else, perhaps I'll learn to write my cranky missing book emails in iambic pentameter (whatever that is).
There'll be plenty of train travel once I'm in Japan, so I will be taking some knitting with me. I have these visions of taking travelling sock photos (a la the Yarn Harlot) in the gardens of Kyoto.


Donni said...

Have a wonderful Time Paisley!

Lynne said...

Wow! room for me in your luggage? I promise I won't eat much!

Those socks look great - congratulations.