Thursday, 6 March 2008

Much better thanks

I'm much much better today. The green ribby thing has progressed. It's now one cuff and a couple of seams away from being a soaker.

I hope it fits.

On my sick days, I did manage a little detour into the local op shop where I picked up a couple of old Patons books.

Decisions.... decisions...


Lynne said...

I have the book on the right - I have a cardigan from it on the needles. However, I bought mine when nephew #1 was on the way and he's twenty-something now. He has a school-aged child of his own!!

Have fun knitting some/all of those cute little garments!

Genevieve said...

what is a soaker? try as I might I cannot figure it out!

Linda said...

Hi, I just knitted Amy's flat soaker pattern and came across your newborn version of it. Can you post the pattern? Thanks.

Paisley said...

Hi Linda, Unfortunately I didn't keep records of the stitch number alterations for this, but here's what I can tell you.
I used DK weight wool (Panda Woolbale) at a very tight gauge on 3.25mm and 3mm needles (that's US sizes 3 and 2.5).
A more detailed photo of the finished soaker can be seen here:
I hope this helps. Cheers, Paisley