Monday, 10 March 2008

The one where Spotlight comes into its own...

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As horrible as a lot of their stuff is, there are times when Spotlight really is just the ticket. This morning I was lurking on the Australian knitters' forum on Ravelry and spotted a mention that Spotlight were having a sale - just for today. 20% off everything - even the already on sale stuff. So I decided to brave the stinking hot weather and the open-air car park and headed down to my nearest store. I came away with 20 balls of yarn (12 pure wool and 8 balls of bamboo wool blend) and change from $50. There's nowhere else in Australia that you could do that.
The pure wool is Panda Woolbale which isn't the softest of yarns, and it's hand-wash only - but that's just what the doctor ordered for some more soakers. My goal is to try as many different soaker patterns in a new-born size as I can get done by the time Baby A arrives. Then S can pick which shapes work best and put in her requests for bigger sizes as the little sprog grows.
The bamboo (80%) - wool (20%) blend is a Spotlight home brand - Bella Baby Layette. It's a light-ish 8 ply - perhaps what Americans would call "sportweight"? It's got that bambooey smooth softness so I thought it might be nice to try some of the old Patons baby patterns in it. It's the wrong gauge, so they'll end up a bit big - but in my limited experience, I have at least learnt that babies grow so they will fit into things at some point.

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