Saturday, 8 March 2008

This is what a soaker looks like...

Another soaker finished for Baby A.

I'd never come across the soaker concept until a couple of years ago when a girl at work had a baby and made the decision to use cloth nappies rather than disposables. She'd done her homework and is now a bit of guru on what I believe are now called "modern cloth nappies" - cloth nappies that are sewn into shape so there is no need to learn complex folding techniques.
Since, unlike a disposable nappy, there is no plastic cover on its cloth counterpart, a need is presented for an extra layer of protection - not quite leak proofing as such, but an extra layer nonetheless. That's where we knitters come in. Soakers and longies - nappy covers knit at a tight gauge, then "lanolised" (wool-processing having removed all the naturally occuring water repellent lanolin) seem to be the popular choice among many modern cloth nappy users.

WIP Report:

On the sock knitting front, the Ravenswood Diamante is progressing nicely. The pattern is pretty easy and the yarn is lovely so I'm plugging through it a little at a time amongst other home knitting projects.

T2's alpaca socks are getting there - tiny bit by tiny bit. I'm really hoping to finish these by the end of the month. Then I'll have enough left to make a little pair of matching baby socks - a bit of an overload on the cuteness, but I just can't resist.

The baby blankie for C is going very slowly now. It's takes about half an hour to do one round and that's still only going to get longer. At least I've got until August to finish that one.

The ripple rug? It's still there and gets pulled out every now and then. It has no timetable - that can be a dangerous thing.

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