Saturday, 5 April 2008

Hakone Womble

DSC02173, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

There is water everywhere in Japan. I haven't got sick of the novelty yet. The sock is taking in a view of the bamboo and flowing creek from the window of our Ryokan room. Much to the bemusement of the others in the tour group, we've met another travelling sock who comes from Toronto. Two sock knitters out of a tour group of twelve. What were the odds of that? Surely longer.
I found Tokyo very stressful, although not frightening. So many people and so little personal space. Now that we're out touring in the country, I'm starting to really relax.
Today our agenda is to ride a funicular railway, a cable car and a pirate ship. If we're lucky, then we may be able to spot a glimpse of Mt Fuji along the way.

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donyale said...

Surely not! 2 socks! A pirate Ship! Wonders will never cease.