Saturday, 19 April 2008

The Noro haul

Like the good librarian that I am, I looked up Mr Noro's website to find their stockist listing. In Kyoto, they listed Masuzakiya which was located in the Porta shopping mall under the bus station at the main JR Kyoto station. Super super easy to get to and find. They didn't have an enormous collection of yarns, but what they had were really good ones. I came away with:

Four skeins of Lily Yarn Multi - cotton / silk blend with a braided construction.

It's says on Ravelry that this yarn is a discontinued line, which is probably why this stuff was marked down by 50%. It was soft and pretty and a bargain and who knows when I'll be in Kyoto again?

Two balls of Taiyo - cotton / silk / wool / nylon

This stuff was a little bit on the expensive side, but it feels soft against the skin - not scratchy like Kureyon or Silk Garden.

And finally, four balls of fingering weight whose name and composition are a bit of a mystery.

The ball band information on this one is only written in Japanese. I believe that I've deciphered most of it by comparing it with the bi-lingual information on the Taiyo ball band.

50% ?????
25% nylon
15% silk
10% wool
So what is the mystery 50%? And what is the name of the yarn? It definitely feels like it has more than just 10% wool. The name of 50% fibre is not written in kanji, which probably suggests that the fibre is not a traditional natural one. Perhaps rayon? What sort of socks would they turn out to be?


Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest angora or mohair, but if it's not written as natural fibre, what about tencel or microfibre?

Try these tests to ID yarn content, or at least narrow the field :)


Genevieve said...

no suggestions, but just a comment - lovely yarn!

Lynne said...

50% re-e-yo-n [rayon, as you thought]

Name of yarn: tsurukurubii [or perhaps shirukurubii]
Couldn't find a translation,sorry!

Jessica said...

I think the name of the yarn is "Silk Ruby," if that makes any sense.
I used to spend lots of time in the Porta shopping maze under Kyoto station, but I've never seen the yarn shop. Now that I'm back in the states and seriously sewing, I regret not taking advantage of all the good craft-shopping Japan has to offer.
have fun with your new fibers~