Sunday, 8 June 2008

Bakin' Parkin

DSC02690, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

Today's baking adventure is courtesy of the wonderful Mrs Soup. See her recipe here.
I've never heard of "Parkin" before. The dictionary on my trusty iMac tells me that it is a kind of dark gingerbread, typically with a soft dry texture, made with oatmeal and molasses.
This version is a like combination of banana-cake-gingerbread-anzac-biscuit. Delicious!


Suse said...

It is rather delicious isn't it? Did you use molasses like our iMac said? My recipe says to use golden syrup but I didn't have quite enough so I went half g.syrup and half treacle which added an extra dark richness.

Yours looks like mine too in that the oats haven't quite melted into the mix. Purists would scoff but I like em like that. (I've added photos to my post in which you can now see the oats).

I hope you're sitting somewhere cosy and enjoying it on this wintry long weekend.

Suse said...

That should read YOUR iMac, not ours. I wouldn't presume to share without being offered.