Saturday, 19 July 2008

In other knitting news

I know - three posts in one day. I've had some catching up to do.

I finished the first half of the "Not the Boyfriend" Socks a couple of weeks ago, but hadn't got around to photographing it.

I've knit about half an inch of toe on the second sock. I'm using the TdFKAL as a bit of an excuse for a touch of SSS. I'm pleased with the way that this sock has come out. The colours are gorgeous. But I've knit this at a very tight gauge on 2mm needles. The Noro has a bit of uneven-ness to it which means that the 2mm needles occasionally struggle with the slightly thicker bits. The whole process is quite hard on the hands. It lends itself, therefore, to train knitting as I'm not working at it for really long periods. No more than half an hour at a time.

I've had a bit of a cold this week, so I took Thursday off. I caught up on the latest episode of Prison Break (I think I missed the season return - they slipped that under the radar a bit), then for contrast, I watched Stephen Fry's directorial debut - Bright Young Things (starring, amongst others, the delicious James McAvoy and a surprisingly unappealing (in this role) David Tennant). To keep my hands occupied, some mindless knitting - another dishcloth.

The mistake you can see rippling through the middle of the centre panel isn't so obvious in the flesh.  Cameras can be so unforgiving.


Genevieve said...

love it. re the sock: I have had troubles using a cable needle on socks. Any tips?

Also I heart James McAvoy. Delicious indeed. Bright Young Things was fun.

Bells said...

that sock looks SO good. I'm keen to knit with the Noro myself. Interesting to know it's a bit hard on the hands.

Not sure I would have noticed the mistake in the panel without you pointing it out!

Moorecat said...

The basic question you need to ask is:

Does the mistake affect the function of the dishcloth?

Clearly the answer is no, so it's a design feature :)

Shirley said...

Hi I like the colours you are using. Will you be having a final Tour de France KAL post? There's still time to mention it on the TdeFKAL blog if you do.
Your team leader