Wednesday, 9 July 2008

TdF-KAL: Changing bicycles...

Perhaps I jinxed myself by speaking too soon. A few days ago I was full of knitting hubris that I could knock out a lace ribbon scarf in no time flat. It took me an evening (and a bit) to get this far.

It's now about double the photographed length. Pretty as it is, I'm not enjoying knitting this. It's not theoretically challenging and there are no needle-acrobatics required, but it's still monumentally easy to stuff this up at regular intervals unless you sit there counting every stitch under (or over) your breath.
So for the last couple of nights, this beautiful soft sea silk has been sitting on the coffee table watching le tour while I neglect it in favour of some pretty pigeonroof handspun which is knitting up easily into a beret (pictures to come). It deserves better treatment.
Look at it, sitting here patiently. It is worthy my love, not resentment.
So tonight I plan to frog the lace ribbon scarf, chalk it up to life's rich tapestry, and cast on for a clapotis.


Lynne said...

You're right - it's beautiful yarn. Are you using it for Clapotis?

Anonymous said...

That yarn is beautiful!