Saturday, 19 July 2008

TdFKAL: Clapotis update

DSC02791, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

Lest it appear that I'm spending all my energy on sprint finishes like Mark Cavendish (4 sprinting stage wins so far), here is a progress shot of my "real" TdFKAL project - the Clapotis. As you can see, it's a scarf version. The goal is to keep knitting through this one skein until it looks like I've got just enough to do the decrease section at the end.
I'm really happy knitting this. The pattern and the sea silk work really well together. I made a clapotis a few years ago when the craze first hit, but I made a bad yarn choice then and the wrap has sat in a drawer since then. I can see this version getting plenty of use though.
To be honest though, we're now about 2/3 through le tour and I think I might be pushing it to finish this project, especially given my aborted attempt at the lace ribbon scarf. But I try not to focus on the "if onlys" of life. In this instance, I will still end up with a beautiful scarf. Happy Days.


the stripey tiger said...

Love the colours and the seal silk looks just the right choice for a clap. I'm thinking about my third clap soonish. Used very different yarn each time. What a versatile pattern! thanks for stopping by my joint and commenting. :-) Stripey

Bells said...

that is one very, very good looking clappy.

As you know, I'm gonna be struggling to finish on time too, but meh! Who cares! I've been having fun as it look like you have too.