Monday, 29 September 2008

Back to our regularly scheduled knitting...

DSC02854, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

Now that I've returned the on-loan spinning wheel to the guild, the mad spinning frenzy is on hold until I get my own wheel and the knitting, which was feeling a tad neglected, is getting some more attention.
My lounge room also looks a bit more organised now that it doesn't have a raw fleece rolled up in a sheet resembling a dead body on the floor in front of the telly.
The February Lady Jacket is progressing smoothly. I love how easy it is to try on a top-down as you go to check the fit. This is going to be just right. I've only got two balls of the 12ply (200g each) left now so I've started on the arms which I'm sure will take less than a ball each (I've done a very rough calculation in my head based on the yardage consumption in the body). Then I can use whatever is left over to finish off the main body. Just in time for summer.

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