Friday, 31 October 2008

Introducing Olaf...


Despite being named for a Viking warrior, Olaf has actually just popped over from New Zealand - probably about as far away from the old Norse homeland as is possible whilst still remaining Earthbound.

Here is Olaf in his longship:

Olaf has been having a lovely time helping me spin some more singles from that Merino Corriedale Cross that I got a few weeks ago.

We've already filled two bobbins which are now ready to be plied:

Olaf's arrival was kindly facilitated by Ashford-Migration-Agent-Extraordinaire Donni who can usually be found Indulging Her Inner Knitter.

1 comment:

Donni said...

That cheeky Olaf didn't take long to make himself at home! And look at those bobbins of beautifully spun yarn! Wonderful!