Tuesday, 18 November 2008

How to make a quick purple shawl

Take two skeins of Noro Lily Multi (now discontinued) that you got for half price from a little yarn store in Kyoto.

Team it up with a couple of balls of vivid purple Lincraft Bamboozle which you just happen to have lying about.

Realise that they look like they were made to go together and start thinking that perhaps a shawl is called for.

Surf through your Ravelry favourited patterns tagged "shawl".

Find two patterns that are conceptually very similar - La La's Simple Shawl (32 projects on Ravelry) and Simple Yet Effective Shawl (307 projects on Ravelry).

Compare the pair.

Decide to the take the road slightly less travelled and opt for La La's Simple Shawl - this one also has a teensy bit of "lace" for an extra bit of interest.

Start knitting.

Finish knitting and model.

Take satisfaction in using up just about every last skerrick of the four skeins.

Ravellers can see not much more of the project here:


Anonymous said...

oooh you have been very busy. Looks good - and in your signature colour.

Bells said...

That's fantastic. I love the idea of combining yarns. You found a great match!

Lynne said...

Beautiful - very clever of you.

Suse said...

I LOVE it.