Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Watching cricket

We spent large chunks of Sunday watching Australia not take wickets as J-P Duminy and Dale Steyn almost single-handedly put South Africa into what turned out to be a comfortable winning position in the second test. To take the edge off, I knit some dishcloths.




DSC02935, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

Ignore the colours - the lighting is pretty crappy in the spare room. But the lace is looking fun. Prettier photos to follow once it's dry.

Thinking ahead...

One of the features of Ravelry is the library where you can list all the knitting books in your collection.  Then it cross-references your collection with your knitting projects and you can view which books you have actually made projects from.   

Can you guess where I'm going with this?

I've identified 12 books that I have yet to make anything from.   A stash isn't just made of wool, books add to the pile as well.  So for 2009, a little challenge awaits. 

Six projects from knitting books I own but have not used yet.  Preferably using yarn from the stash.

The proposed list:

A Gathering of Lace - Cobweb Doily  (light coloured multi Marta's Yarns 2 ply) 
More Sensational Knitted Socks - one of the stranded stitch patterns? 
First Book of Modern Lace Knitting - Coronet design (brown Marta's Yarns 2 ply) 
Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting - Thistle design?  (purple Marta's Yarns 2 ply) 
Knits from a Painter's Palette - Charlotte's Web Shawl  (Noro Silk Ruby) 
Folk Shawls - Litla Dimun  (perhaps natural handspun?) 

Nothing too strenuous (I hope!).  One project every two months so there should be time for other stuff in between.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

hoot hoot

DSC02931, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

Owls knitted from cables - what will they think of next?

Saturday, 20 December 2008


DSC02924, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

A turtle each for J and T3's first Christmas.

A simple little pattern from Amy Karol's "Bend-the-rules Sewing".

After a mild and pretty wet start to December, today I'm feeling quite summery. The washing dried quickly on the line in the sun, neighbours are out mowing the lawn and there's test cricket on the telly. All is calm in this little corner of the world.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

FO: Silky Stash

This week saw me doing some test knitting for the fabulous Donni.   Here is my Silky Stash "scarflet".
I had just a single 50g skein of the slightly pricy Colinette Tao - a pure silk DK weight single which was just heavenly to fondle -even Mum commented on how soft it was.   This was a quick easy and effective knit which used up every last bit of that precious skein.  The single structure of the silk meant it was a tiny bit splitty so I had to be a little bit careful, but I'm certainly not complaining.
The pin dates from, I think, the 1960s.  Mum tells me that her brother gave it to her.  She thinks it was made by a friend of his.  Apparently there was a craze for setting stones around this time.  I have no idea how prevalent this may have been.   I love this brooch.  It wasn't until this morning that I realised what a good match it was for this scarf.  I had thought that I was over my purple phase, but in C's words, here is another scarf in my "signature" colour.

The Stash pattern is available here:   

Monday, 1 December 2008

Knitting copywriter?

DSC02911, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

The powers that be in Melbourne are obsessed with combatting fare evasion on our public transport and have tried all sorts of ad campaigns to encourage the buying of tickets. BATBYGOBSTOPL* anyone?

The latest campaign is a series of "fare evasion karma" scenarios. These really annoy me because the whole attitude towards providing any sort of customer service on our public transport system is so negative, adversarial and "anti-karmic".

However, I spotted this one on the side of a tram in Flinders Street. It gave me a giggle and made me wonder. Was the copywriter a knitter?

* "Buying A Ticket Before You Get On Board Saves Time Or Problems Later" ie: buy a ticket - and validate it - or our thuggish ticket inspectors will rough you up a bit and whack you with a $100 fine - no discussions will be entered into.