Monday, 26 January 2009

single lens reflex

DSC02950, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

Over Christmas I asked R what he knew about digital SLR photography. Digital he wasn't so up on, but he brought out his old film SLR camera which has just been gathering dust since Mum got him a little digital compact camera for Christmas a few years ago. I've got it on loan while I contemplate the purchase of a digital SLR.
It weighs a tonne in comparison to my little Sony compact, but the sound of the mirror flipping as I depress the shutter makes me feel "like a photographer". I've yet to see any of the results - I collect the first lot of prints tomorrow. It's amazing how spoilt digital photography has made us. The instant gratification makes us so impatient.


Lynne said...

My husband used an SLR for years [yes it was heavy - especially with some of the bigger lenses on it] and now has a digital SLR. Contact me and I'll forward your email to him to answer if you want to talk to him.

knitabulous said...

And digital photography has so many drawbacks too. Rubbish indoor/night shots, colourblindness for red .. I always thought it was my bad skills until I went to a course and learnt the secret truth!