Thursday, 5 February 2009

Living in the 70s

Nothing much to photograph on the crafting front at the moment. We may survived the ridiculous heat wave of last week [although my worms didn't :-( ] but we still haven't had a true "cool change". It's just not quite as hot as it was. So everything is still full of residual heat and knitting with wool or getting out the sewing machine seems to be just more heat-making. I'm knitting the occasional row of something. Stitching a wee bit on some quilting. Crocheting the odd treble or two. But no progress that photographs can really illustrate. Whinge, whinge.

However I do have a new toy which means that last night I went scanner-happy with a shoe-box of old photos. Here's couple which must have been taken circa 1978.

circa 1978

I haven't changed much. Behind a desk? Check. Telephone? Check. Spectacles? Check. Corduroy? Check. Mary-Jane shoes? Check.

first kiss

My first kiss? I have no recollection of this. That's my cousin A with the dark hair. Mum must have taken it since she was the one with a Polaroid Land Camera.

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