Sunday, 12 July 2009

Not a purl in sight

IMG_0089, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

Tomten, by Elizabeth Zimmermann, from "Knitting without tears".

Project 4 of my six-books-project is complete. (I've stalled a bit on project 3 - got a bit of the ol' second-sock-syndrome happening, but now that this jacket is done, I have no excuses to ignore that little itty bitty sock).

Inspired by the colour combination in Fricknit's Tomten jacket, I raided my stash for all my 8 ply scraps of blue and grey and did my own version - completely from stashed yarns. Buttons were also from the stash. The pattern calls for a zipper, but I like buttons and that's what I had on hand. The fronts and the hood are edged in applied i-cord, with gaps for button loops.


Anonymous said...

J looks very smart in his birthday present. Thanks Aunty Paisley!!

Lynne said...

It's gorgeous - I want to knit another! I still have one waiting for a zip so buttons seem like a good solution.