Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Another Liesl

IMG_0311, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

So that black bit of knitting that I was working on at the beach in my last post? Another Liesl cardigan. After all our exertions on Saturday, Sunday I just flopped and got into a knitting frenzy (can you flop and frenzy at the same time?) trying to finish this thing. I kept thinking, "it's nearly done, I'll just knit a bit more".
I hit a snag with the cast off - I didn't leave myself enough yarn, so I had to thread a lifeline through and rip back a couple of rows - not too difficult on this project - which slowed me down.
I finally sewed the buttons on while watching the final episode of Wuthering Heights, wondering why Heathcliff didn't put us all out of our misery straight away after Cathy died. It was never my favourite book. Love the Kate Bush song though.

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Lynne said...

Had to study "Wuthering Heights" in Year 8 or 9 - didn't like it then, still don't! Didn't watch for same reason!! LOL

Liesl looks good; black is a difficult colour to work with at night so congratulations.