Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Cup day

The first Tuesday in November is the Melbourne Cup - "the race that stops the nation" - and we have a public holiday. In an annual fit of kitchen-domestic-goddessity, I baked my Christmas cake (Nigella Lawson's recipe from How to be a Domestic Goddess) and attempted to document my progress in photos.

Photo One: Make sure you use lots of paper when lining the tin.

Photo Two: Blurry. Fruit soaked overnight in brandy. Extra glace cherries because I love them.

Photo Three: Big mixing bowl just like Mum's. A heavy duty wooden spoon is your friend when preparing cake mixture.

Photo Four: Three hours later, a baked cake. Somehow managed to get the baking paper in focus rather than the cake.

And whilst it was baking, I made a box bag, because the fabric stash will not shrink by itself.


Lynne said...

Looks good enough to eat - which is, of course, the whole idea! LOL

Thanks for reminding me that it's time I made the Christmas puddings!

Suse said...

I love the nonchalance with which you tossed that final morsel. "And while it was baking I sewed a box bag".

Also, the beautifully focussed baking paper is lovely.