Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Six Books Project 2009

Mission accomplished in good time.

Six Books Project 2009

The goalposts were changed a couple of times through the year, (including, a'hem, the addition of a new book to the stash...) but the object of knitting at least one project from six previously un-used knitting books in my collection was achieved.

This idea was designed, not be an onerous weight on my shoulders for the year, but to be a little incentive to "work from my stash". Because a stash doesn't just include yarn or fabric. It's also the accumulation of magazines, pattern books, e-books and print-outs from t'internet.

The Projects: (links are to Amazon for the sake of convenience)

Full details of projects are on Ravelry.

Now to think of a new challenge for 2010. Ideas and inspiration welcome.


Shepherd's Loft said...

Very nice year's worth of homework.

Lynne said...

Congratulations - well done in reaching your goal! I have sort-of set myself a similar challenge but have put no time limit on it!!

Sheep Rustler said...

Reconnecting with blogs after not reading anything (or blogging anything much) this year). An excellent idea, might set myself something similar for next year. A nice range of knitting btw.