Sunday, 7 March 2010

Half a pair of pairs

Noro Mojo / Leaf Litter Arch Shaped Socks

Both second socks are now on the needles....

Y popped in for an early morning coffee today.  She's going through her own sock yarn at a rate of knots at the moment, so I de-stashed some of my lingering half-balls and leftovers onto her since they're ideal amounts for making kid-sized socks.

We discussed the unexpectedly violent hail storm that we had here in Melbourne yesterday afternoon.  I got off pretty lightly in comparison to some.  I was home and not out on the road which would have been terrifying.  Most of the hail coming down was about pea-sized, although I did see a few golf-ball sized stones smashing down - and they were SMASHING down.  I got quite worried about my front window which seemed to be getting a lot of hits.  But luck was on my side and no broken glass.  Thankfully my car was also undercover, so no damage to it.
My neigbours across the road have one of their cars parked on their front lawn and the hail kept setting off the alarm.

Y had been visiting friends whose laserlite covered porch is now covered in holes.  They had been sitting out there and had to bid a hasty retreat.  Luckily none of them were hurt.  They saw lemon-sized hail stones in their part of town.


Lynne said...

Im glad you (and your house) were unharmed. We have had bizarre weather in Sydney too.

Anonymous said...

What about the rabbits? Who is the number one rabbit chef out there?