Sunday, 19 February 2012

stripping along

This is my 4th pair of socks in a variant of Zauberball Crazy and I am nuts for this stuff. The grey-scale effect that I'm getting from this monochrome colourway is really satisfying and this pattern (Stripe Tease) has been quite entertaining to knit.
Technically speaking, these are my "March" socks, but they're going so quickly that it might be barely the end of February when they're finished. But that will allow me to start early on the April socks which will probably set me back a bit as they've got some fiddly cabling, designed to slow me down.
Also shown in the background, the Vitamin C cardigan is blocking (well... laying out flat to dry, I couldn't be bothered getting the pins and wires out to give it sterner treatment). Then I just have to wait for some weather cool enough to wear it.

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