Sunday, 22 September 2013

FO: Cot quilt

IMG_3585, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

Finished stitching the binding on Friday night and threw it in the washing machine. Luckily Saturday morning was sunny and a little bit breezy so it dried in time for the afternoon baby shower. Lil's husband was very impressed. "It's like a REAL quilt!"

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Motivation by deadline

Quilting progress, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

So I realised that Lil's baby shower is actually next weekend and if I was going to get a little cot quilt made in time, then I really needed to knock it over (mostly) this weekend.
Good progress has been made. I can also count this against my tally of UFOs as it uses up some of the strips that I carefully cut up a few years ago in anticipation of making a quilt that has never eventuated. I might still attempt the original idea - on a smaller scale - with the strips that are left.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

New month, new season, new leaf?

All winter I've been feeling that I've been distracted by "oh, look, new stuff" kind of projects and that I haven't been very productive.
However, on checking my list of UFOs that I made at the start of the year, I have made some further progress on processing the never-ending black fleece that I got from C's dad.  In fact I have spun up 1 sheep's worth (there's another sheep's worth in a bag I haven't dared open yet).  No current photos (note to self - must take photos of black fleece yarn) to prove it, but the fleece prior to spinning looked like this.


So that's one step forward in clearing up the UFOs, but then I couldn't resist buying a new fleece when I went to the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show (yay!  Y and I finally got there this year.  We're hoping to go back next year too.) and I have made a start on spinning that fleece too.

Romney fleeceRomney fleece roughly sortedReady to spin some Romney.
Romney singlesRomney pliedRomney plied

I continued my adventures in spinning using a Turkish spindle (and bought 3 new spindles - more about them another time).
Spindling merino silk singlesMerino silk singlesMerino silk, chain plied on Turkish spindleChain plied merino silk

In non-spinning land, I finished a pair of socks in August - knit from the sock yarn stash.
Oak ribbed socks

I started a new cardigan - another steeking project...
Cardigan in progress...and then I came across this really cool cardigan pattern in Ravelry and got a bee in my bonnet over it and .....
....what can I say?