Saturday, 5 October 2013

Year of the Finished Project - October Update

I didn't really set any goals for September.  But I have two finished projects to speak of from that month.

This was a fairly last minute decision project. The cot quilt used up some of the already-cut-out strips that I carefully cut up several years ago with the intention of making a bigger quilt.  I'm pretty certain that bigger quilt will never eventuate - I think my urge to make that pattern is waning.  Perhaps I'll use some of what's left of them to make a scaled down version of that original idea (strips sewn together then cut perpendicularly to make squares which are then moved up and down to make diagonal stripes).

Gentleman's Plain Winter Sock

Socks.  I've got to use up my sock yarn somehow.  These are the Gentleman's Plain Winter Sock pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks.  I also spun a bit more Romney fleece.

Plans for October.

Knitting: I have two pairs of socks on the go at the moment.  One pair is using up leftovers - I'd like to finish the pair this month.  The other pair is a Christmas present. I aim to have at least the first sock of that pair finished.
I also have two cardigans on the go. They won't be finished, but I'd like to have made some visible progress.

Sewing: It's October and I still haven't touched the number 1 UFO on my list which is the denim log cabin quilt that's sitting in a bag under my bed.  By the end of October it will no longer be under my bed, I will have decided on a quilting treatment and have made a start on that treatment.
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