Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Still here...

all quiet on the blogging front for a few months eh?

I spent most of May on holiday.  I went to Spain and Portugal and then a week in England.

Holiday knitting was socks - of course.

The UFOs are kind of on the back burner at the moment.  I think they may make a re-appearance come August or September.

There has been more steeking. Hopefully some finished photos to follow in a couple of weeks.
Cape in progress

I'm also unofficially riding along with the Tour de Fleece - re-visiting my Turkish spindle.  Spindle spinning didn't really click with me when I first tried it a few years ago.  But now with a bit of wheel spinning under my belt, the process, although still slow, seems less daunting.  Note to self:  Google "slow yarn movement"
tour de fleece 2013 commence
I'm hoping to make it to the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show this year.  I think another spindle might be on the shopping list.