Sunday, 27 April 2014

2014 remade

I interrupt the blogging silence to make a record of my 2014 knitting project - to remind myself that I do have a 2014 knitting project.... ahem....

2014 Remade: Making projects from reclaimed yarn.

First up is the Sediment Scraps Blanket which I started on ANZAC day.
Two days later and the thing has grown like Topsy and churned through a bucketload of yarn (which is good, because I'm running out of yarn storage space and it would be a slippery slope if... well...).  Lots of leftovers; bits and pieces too small to be useful, but too substantial to throw away;  small lots of yarn that I bought over the years with no prospective purpose in mind; some fuzzy mohair from C's mum's de-stash; and running through it all, a strand of emerald green Patons Zhivago which I originally used to make a Clapotis about 10 years ago.
The result is a little bit like a scrappy patchwork quilt as I can look through the blanket and spot individual yarns which hold meaning and memory for me.  The knitting is really addictive as it goes so fast that in a short amount of time I feel like I've made a real dent in the stash.